About Us

At the heart of ReefShape lies a fusion of innovation, passion, and dedication. Established by a group of ardent aquarists, our inception was fueled by a shared vision - to redefine aquatic aesthetics and transform everyday aquariums into breathtaking underwater realms. We realized that while the world of aquascaping was vast, it often lacked the personal touch and bespoke craftsmanship that could truly make a tank come alive. Enter the magic of 3D printing. Leveraging this advanced technology, we pioneered a line of customizable, 3D-printed aquarium and reef decor that would change the game.

Our offerings go beyond mere decorations; they're intricately designed pieces of art, carefully crafted to mimic natural formations while also telling a unique story. The non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials we employ are a testament to our unwavering commitment to the aquatic environment. Each product not only enhances the beauty of its surroundings but also ensures the well-being of the marine life it hosts.

Our team is our backbone. Comprised of knowledgeable aquarists, visionary designers, and 3D printing maestros, each member brings a wealth of expertise and a reservoir of passion to the table. This synergy ensures that we're not just fulfilling orders, but crafting dreams. We understand the diverse needs of our clientele, and we thrive on challenges, constantly pushing boundaries to bring innovative concepts to life. At ReefShape, it's not just about selling a product, but about fostering a community, elevating experiences, and most importantly, turning visions into vibrant aquatic realities. Join us on this underwater journey, and let's co-create marine masterpieces together.

  • Jacob CEO headshot

    Jacob Kerby

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ryan CTO headshot

    Ryan Baskins

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Adam Steinfeld

    Director of Operations